Analyze your data
to generate the insight
you always wanted to see

The Big Picture

Create Dashboard with Charts, Graphs & Data Tables. Convert your static data to a Bar Chart or feed dynamic data to a Line Chart and share the insight with all stakeholders. Do statistical analysis on your raw data and generate insight.

The Toolbox

Rich set of APIs to generate the Charts, Graphs & Datatables or do Statistical computation. APIs understand JSON input/output. Either make use of API Console or let your Application call them using any popular programming language. Finally, assemble everything on the Dashboard.

How you get there

Integration layer allows you to feed data into your Dashboard from sources like Dropbox, Box, One Drive, Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3. Alternatively, you can let your in house Application call the APIs and embed the result or the Charts into your internal Application. For most of the simple use cases one can manually configure the Dashboard using API Console.